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I am so glad you have clicked on my site – trying to get pregnant and have a happy, healthy child can be such a miserable, frustrating and emotionally draining journey and time in your life.

So many couples feel confused, stranded and depressed about their fertility issues and the lack of positive results from their often lengthy and expensive efforts. But I am happy to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.

Working passionately as a fertility specialist since 2007, I have helped hundreds of couples create their happy, healthy babies, and I intend to help you, too. I offer a new and refreshing approach to fertility, which doesn’t just look at, or judge you, for your ‘numbers’.

Regardless of your age, your past upsets or failures, or your possibly depressing statistics, I can give you a more joyful, positive and successful approach to getting baby-ready, and making and keeping that baby!

You no longer need to feel alone because this interactive course, coupled with the online community support and ethical 100% organic, natural fertility-enhancing ‘Powerfully Pure’ products, can help support you in making the change you are looking for.

Fiona x


Since starting the course I seriously have noticed a difference and my partner has noticed a difference in me too… v quickly in fact!
Claire G, 38 Aylesbury, England

This course gave me more than I ever thought possible, a pregnancy and I have never been pregnant before. (Instead I have endured failed attempts with clomid, IVF, ICSI and IUI).
Mary P, 30, East London

A wonderful tool to help anyone on their fertility journey. Its various modules guide you through some excellent advice & the most relaxing meditations. I would highly recommend it
Louise M, 44, South West London

My Online Courses:

Fertile Lifestyle Course

12 modules to transform your fertility offering physical, mental and emotional support each step of the way. You will learn to eat, drink, think and sleep yourself fertile easily and enjoyably.
Additional 10 specialist modules catering for people’s individual fertility requirements. (Not all will be relevant to you, but it includes additional support for endometriosis, fibroids, miscarriages, over 40, etc.)

Payment options:

  • Single payment of £1,999 for 90 days access
  • 3 monthly installments of £679 for 90 days access


More Information

Pregnancy Support

Offering week by week guidance to optimise your pregnancy health and to help you hold your pregnancy through to full term.

Includes foods to eat and avoid, how to work with natural remedies that are baby-safe, how to keep fit, how to keep energised, how to manage your stress (lots of meditations are provided) and so much more.

£649 for 9 months access

More Information
Fiona Kacz-Boulton
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My statistics

I have a success rate to date (May 2017) of 80%, based on clients working with me on a private 1-to-1 basis from 3 months to 2 years (which was offered through Skype/FaceTime/telephone or in my Harley Street Clinic, London). However, I realised many people cannot afford my private sessions so I created this online course. Now, with my personal assistance and my carefully honed interactive course, you too will benefit from a happier, more nurtured approach, remembering that my positive results are three times higher than IVF clinics and I am (at least) three times lower in cost!


It doesn’t matter what the source of your ‘infertility’ or ‘subfertility’ might be. I have worked successfully with couples and women who:

  • have been told their numbers don’t fit their clinic’s basic requirements for IVF
  • have failed at IVF before
  • have found that IVF or repeated IVF is too expensive or too emotional for them
  • have experienced miscarriage upon miscarriage
  • have male issues (such as low or poor quality sperm, depression, erectile problems)
  • have female issues (such as PCOS, blocked tubes, endometriosis, anovulation)
  • have stopped menstruating
  • are aged 40+, have been told they are going through menopause and/or have been diagnosed with DOR
  • know they need to manage their stress
  • have relationship issues
  • have lost their energy and drive but still want to become a parent
  • need to balance their hormones
  • have secondary sub-fertility
  • have fallen out of love with their partner but still desperately want a baby
  • do not have a partner and are doing the journey alone
  • want to understand how and why they have ended up in this predicament
  • want to improve egg health
  • want to improve womb health (and implantation success)
  • want to improve their partner’s sperm health
  • have weight issues and/or mental health issues (such as depression or addiction)
  • are feeling fed up, frustrated, bitter, miserable, out of control and too dispirited to try anything else (but still want a child!), or experiencing other negative thoughts and feelings.

Why what I do works

What often seems to be sorely missing, whether couples are trying naturally or with any sort of Assisted Fertility, is the emotional support. So with me, you will have someone to regularly talk to and express your frustrations with, the chance to compare your details with other like-minded couples or ladies (should you wish) and someone to encourage and nurture your particular individual journey, especially between cycles, whether that’s IVF or natural cycles.

Because in my course I don’t only deal with the egg, womb and sperm, I am more interactive in all parts of your life, for the whole journey, including the emotional, spiritual and nutritional. It’s all about the bigger picture and that’s how I have got the much desired success stories (i.e. healthy, happy babies!) for so many supposedly ‘infertile’ couples.

So, please sign up now for my course and start using my unique techniques today, whether that’s in combination with IVF if you choose that, or if you are trying to bolster natural fertility, so you can improve your chances of having a happy healthy baby. Believe me – it works!

Scientific Evidence

2011 Science Journal states “There is a strong indication that stress levels and IVF outcomes are linked and that intervening with mind/body therapies can help.”

Dr Domar’s two separate studies – one for women trying to conceive naturally and the other for women trying to conceive via IVF concluded:

  • Stress during an a natural or IVF cycle can lower pregnancy rates
  • Learning relaxation and stress management strategies prior to and during infertility treatment are associated with significantly higher pregnancy rates, as well as far lower levels of anxiety and depression.
How mind/body supportive lifestyle improves natural fertility

Live birth rates based on a group 185 women who had been trying to conceive for one to two years. Women were randomized so that 1/3 participated in a mind/body group, 1/3 attended a support group, and 1/3 received routine care only.

How mind/body supportive lifestyle improves IVF success

To study the effects of the Mind/Body Program on IVF pregnancy outcomes, Domar’s team approached women who were about to begin treatment at Boston IVF and who met the study criteria: 40 years or under with normal hormonal levels. None of the participants had previously participated in a mind/body group. Participants were randomized into a study group that entered the Mind/Body Program for Infertility or a control group who received no mind/body intervention. All patients underwent IVF treatment. Domar tracked the groups through two IVF cycles. The study was funded through a grant by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. Study was published by Alice D. Domar, Kristin L. Rooney, Benjamin Wiegand, E. John Orav, Michael M. Alper, Brian M. Berger, Janeta Nikolovski. Impact of a group mind/body intervention on pregnancy rates in IVF patients. Fertility and Sterility, 2011; DOI: 10.1016/j.fertnstert.2011.03.046

Domar’s findings

Domar’s findings have proven that to ‘Just Relax’ doesn’t work, unlike Mind/Body Programs. To many, relaxation means a glass of wine in front of the TV, but this does not improve your chances of pregnancy success. Rather, a holistic integrative lifestyle does. You can find a large body of research on this subject published in Domar’s book Fertility and Sterility — that has found relationships between distress levels and the success rate of IVF.

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I run regular clinics in Harley Street, South West London and West Sussex. Visit my Awakening Fertility website to make an appointment.

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Harley Street Fertility Clinic, 134 Harley Street, W1G 7JY

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